Does she really like me or no?

I'm gonna try my best to condense the whole story. I met this really pretty girl about 5 years ago at college and about 2 months ago I was brave enough to ask her on a date. It went far better then I thought, she stayed over my place for the whole weekend and even slept in my bed the whole time (No, there wasn't an sex just some cuddling).
Then a couple weeks later she came back again to spend another weekend with me as a surprise. It was as grand as the first weekend but for the most part she still slept in the same bed as me and we did get to go out and eat a few times. When I kissed her it seemed like she held back a bit (If that makes sense).

Basically the main thing is, this girl had gotten out of a really bad relationships a few months ago and for the most part affected her. She told me even though she thought about us in a relationship, she told me she was afraid I would wait for a girl who may never be ready again or may take 5 years to be ready again. She was even also afraid of having sex with me thinking it would make me think she would come around or affect me in some way in the future and didn't want to hurt me. I know what it's like to come out of a bad relationship, my last ex was cruel and dumped me behind my back, but I won't let one girl ruin my outlook on all girls.

I have told my friends this story and more and they all have told me she does like me and that bc of everything her feelings are confused and she needs time to think things through. That if she didn't like me she would't have spent all that time with me or come flying up from Florida to Connecticut, especially with such a busy work schedule and with her living on her own.

What do you guys think? Do you think she does like me?

Something I forgot to add is some people have told me when we last kissed the few times she may have held back bc as he was hiding back feelings and seems afraid to show any feelings.


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