Your opinion on this? I'm kinda confused?

Okay, there's this upperclassman at my school and he likes me. We've talked for about two weeks through text , not really at school. I like him, but I don't really want to admit it because everyone says things about him and they tell me to not do it. We haven't really talked at school and he wants to and even though I don't show it I want to too. I don't really know how to approach him since we have no classes together and he and I are always with our friends. If we don't talk next week, it'll be over because texting isn't all that fun. But I don't know I mean I don't want it to be over because there's potential there and I would hate for that to end simply because we didn't talk face to face. So any tips or anything? Thanks!

I mean I like him but I just I don't know I'm awkward
Help guys


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  • If I were you I would text him as that's the only way you talk, and ask him to meet up with you after school one night and go for a walk, get to know eachother just by your selfs. Just by even doing that it will bum both of your confidence up with speaking to eachother infront of people