How can we progress and keep things going?

He asked me out on a date a few weeks ago and was very persistent. We had a lot of fun and we have a lot of chemistry. He said he had fun and then I brought up going out again and he wanted to and was persistent. I then went back to school so now were 2 hours apart. I didn't really get the chance to tell him I liked him. I told him I had a good time and enjoyed our time. We didn't really talk much or see each other because of school and he was busy with work. I saw him last night after two weeks and it was a bit awkward but we ended up being together all night and kissing. We have already slept with each other multiple times. I want to keep things going but it's hard with the distance since it's so new and we just started to get to know each other. How can we progress and keep things going. Also is it too early to tell him I like him? I don't want to seem clingy. And I want to tell him in person but I didn't last night because we were drinking so I felt it wasn't a good time


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  • Maybe ask him if he could visit you when he is free, and tell him then, ask about he's thoughts on the matter.


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