Witch type of girl guy do u like?

Witch girl or guy would u want to date and would u date someone out of that preference and what if there more than one of the catigories

  • emo/rock/punk rock/bad
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  • nerd/geek/ gamer
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  • girly girl or feminine guy
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  • boyish, skater girl /guy
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Most Helpful Girl

  • I really don't know I've dated a lot of different kind of guys rocker and skater guys are always cool because they're into music and I'm really Into music (and it's typically the music I like). Athletic guys are cool because I'm also athletic. Feminine guys are nice because they understand me more or are more understanding typically. My first boyfriend was a boyfriend was a nerd and he was so cool. I lived him, he was so smart and he always had something new to tell me. He wanted to be a chemical engineer and once did an experiment for class and that was so cool, I loved it.


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  • Smart, nice, and good manners/propper

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