Ladies, explain me this girl her behaviour. It doesn't make any sense? Need advise and tips?

So this girl...

we have been dating, and a lot has happened , but we were very intimate. things got a bit to serious, now she turned me into this horrible person im not. yesterday we had a phone conversation which was a pretty bad one, it was her just spitting fire.

today i went jogging with a girl who gets a lot of male attention, and i crossed her path. i just said Hi to her, and you could just tell by her face, she was upset and shocked. She didn't say anything back.

the girl i was with told me, that this is good, that she could see by her facial expression and her overall way of acting , that she was not really happy about it. So why would she act the way she did, she could have said a normall HI back. How to go on from here?

thanks in advanse

I think she isn't quit comfortable with it, but i ve read that girls never show you obviously that they are jealous. i go no contact for 2 weeks or so. working on myself, going out take pics, do stuff, and maybe i contact her in some time, she now seems really angry with me
please help me out, im not really into games but there is no other way that i can get her back


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  • she's still going to like you... sounds like she may think u have started talking to yr jogging partner. Just let her know you enjoy ur time with her and that you want more of it.!

    • well the jogging girl has a bf, and i still like that other girl a lot, but i have been to available to much, i want to show her through social media, that im doing fine and why she liked me back then. I know she is seeing someone new, she treats dating like its the most normal thing to move on to someone new. her and me went through a lot lately, she miscarried after she got pregnant and now only views me as all bad. i do suspect she has BPD , because having a healthy conversation with her is impossible. im going to show her why she liked me, i go no contact for some time, see if she will contact me or go to her in a few weeks, and see how she responds to seeing me

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    • Jealousy will just cause tension.. she's either into you or not into you.. if she's partner hopping then she maybe looking for something different or jus likes to sleep around n not looking for anything serious... if i were u n u still like her a hi was fine... jus smile at her when y'all cross pathes dont contact her yes wait at least two wks... dbt wanna b desperate but a smile or a shoulder brush will b enough to show ur intentions if u get no response by two wks or no reaction from ur gesture of noticing her.. u can message one time like heyy r u doing alright haven't gotten to talk to u n play it off like uve been not even notcing her see what happens if nothing move one as quick as she did

    • yes i understand, i dont like to play games, but i have been trying to talk to her normal but she could only contact me after i wrote some horrible stuff about her , and she treathened to call the police. which is absurd but ok. i do want her back but to me its not normall she can move on like that, after all we shared the last few months ( to make matters worse , think she has Borderline ). A normal girl wouldn't be able to start a relationship so easily and paint me so black after all that has happened

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