He won't return my calls

My ex and I were together for 2 and a half years. 2 months ago I broke it up with him (don't want to say why but I had a good reason) He didn't want to but said he understood. A few days later he called me telling me how much he missed and loved me and wanted to fix things. I said no, but he kept trying. For a month he was sending me love letters and saying and doing all the right things.

I finally decided that we can try things out one more time.

After I said this he said that he first wanted to take a month to himself to get his life together and find a job because he wants to come back to me a better man. He said he didn't want us to have to break up again.

I said ok but that I can't promise I will wait. That weekend we hung out for bowling and dinner. That was on sat. (sept 12). He asked if he could see me during the week 4 a movie b4 the whole month thing. I said ok. We talked through text on sunday. I called him twice and left a voicemail and a text on wednesday (sept 16). He didn't answer and has not returned my call. It is now Saturday Sep 26. and I still haven't heard from him.

It is driving me crazy. Why would he try so hard to get me back just to ignore me?

Could this be him taking his month to himself? If it is can't he answer the phone and let me know?! I am so angry now that I don't even want him back but I feel like I need and deserve an explanation. Especially after 2 yeas together.

Last time we talked he promised me he would see me on my birthday next month. Should I wait until then and see if he keeps his promise or just call again?

So he ended up calling today...acting live everything was fine. When I asked him about it he said he was avoiding me because he was keeping to himself because things with his life haven't been going right. Idk...I am not going back to him though.


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  • First of all I know its hard but don't get angry at him, yeah you can be dissapointed that he hasn't been in touch, but getting angry will just cause more problems.

    I'm not defending him because, yes, he is in the wrong for not giving you a reason for the lack of contact, however if this is his month to himself he's trying to do the right thing.

    Give it a week and try to contact him again, if you can't, then wait until your birthday, if you haven't heard from him by then, then its probably a good idea to move on.

    • Im gonn wait until my birthday which is in 2 weeks. I'm hoping by then I won't care or want to call him though. I just wish I knew what happened

    • Yeah, its the not knowing what's going on that'll drive you crazy, I hope everything works out for you though in the long run.

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  • you should wait

    dont call him or txt him no matter how much its killing you inside to do so. just wait to see if he calls you. if he doesn't he most likely moved on. but just wait until your b.day. then maybe you can call him if he doesn't just to get your explantation. but if he doesn't reply or answer just let it go and move on.

    • Yea I am going to wait. I do want to move on, I don't want him back. I just hate thinking that he doesn't care anymore. The not knowing what happened is killing me. Thank you for ur response

    • Yea.the best thing to do is distant yourself and keep yourself busy.

      guys tend to get distant when girls get clingy and seem like they need the guy.

      so if he really cared hell call you.