I'm seeing my ex who is dating my ex best friend?

Okay before you start judging just read the story

Okay so I met this guy and we started dating straight away and my "best friend" had a crush on him but she was two years younger and not old enough for a relationship (13) so I dated this guy for three months and went away for two weeks and then my other best friend fed lies to me and me and him got both told bullshit, broke up and he started dating her and we didn't speak for ten months

So ten months later we start talking and within 2 months we both have feelings for each other

So we talked about what happened and found out we were both tricked and he admitted to never loving her but staying with her because he felt like he had to protect her

He went on holidays and told me when he gets back in a few days he is dumping her but that we should wait a while because people will get pissed but people are gonna go off at him anyway

I never stopped loving him and I know 17 is young but I've never felt what I have with him with anyone else

I don't want to put him into a situation where he's getting hate off her friends (who are brutel)

He said we could date in secret but I don't think it'll stay a secret for that long

(Oh and just so you know he's not a dick we haven't kissed or anything while they have been dating, he wants to end things and doesn't want to cheat)

My question is

What the f**** should I do


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  • You wait. He has to make a decision and follow through. ASAP

    • I'm just scared he will get hurt when he breaks up with her


    • Well that comes with the circumstances.