Why do women talk to a lot of men as potential mates or act like their interested?

I'm just curious as to why women do this, like one day I'll be talking to a girl and things seem to be going really well to go to the next step of dating, then you find out she is dating this guy and then a couple days later she is dating a diff guy. I mean what gives?

I seriously don't ever do this (except in rare occasions). I don't talk to two or more girls at one time. So why do girls do this, why do they make it seem like they are interested in you, when they really aren't? (or if they were, then why be talking to like 3 other dudes) I'm sorry maybe I'm too old fashioned for this dating crap anymore. I just don't get why women feel the need to string other guys along.

So what's the deal ladies? Why do this to potential mates?


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  • Well, I am a single lady and I suppose I am guilty of this to an extent.. I date casually and I am open about that. Until sex is involved I feel I'm doing nothing wrong so perhaps your lady friend is just playing the field in search of her mate. It sucks it hurt you.

    • yeah this wasn't current, this was in the past and I really thought it was going somewhere, but I later found out that she was talking to like 4 other dudes at the same time. So when I found this out it did kinda of suck! lol

      I get what you are saying about doing nothing wrong, and yeah that is true, I know men do this too, but I just tend not to do this, so much, I have in the past and I do feel like I am not doing anything wrong, but sometimes I feel guilty about doing it, I don't know y I just do. But that is just me.

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  • Men do the same thing to, so I guess we can just call it human nature. You may do this rarely but you admit you have done and sometimes still do this.

  • We just dont want to lose the opportunity. There's only one way in telling who's the most potential- dating them even if that means dating all at the same time.

  • I don't know because i dont do it. If i do that means im not interested in that guy.


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