Is it possible to connect on a deeper level with him now?

Known this guy since mid November we hit it off met at his work when he got off a week after he messaged me online. We went to play pool and to the movies two different occasions texted and called a lot in between. Then we slept together early December. Since I've met his friends we have hung out but no sex everything else but no sex. We are both not looking for anything serious right away but I would love to know him more and more on a deeper level. I know he has a son he Co parents with , he lost a few friends to drunk drivers & that's why he has stars on his back for each one he is super close to his friends now b. c of that. I know decent amount about him it's not like we rarely communicated before.

Now things have slowed down last week I didn't hear a peep he forgot to tell me his BFF was moving across country & that he was hanging with him also that he wasn't texting anyone. I want to get to know him more and I know guys pull back when things move fast & when sex is involved but we haven't since. Is it possible to trigger something to say hey she's a awesome girl or should I just stay his friend & chill out let it flow naturally?


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  • It sounds like he has a lot on his plate here, dear, and It doesn't always Include you. And even though you put yourself with Him in this category of 'We are both not looking for anything serious right now,' You are the One 'On a deeper level,' who would like to Know More about him. He, on the other hand, has his own thing going and flowing and it has gotten to this 'Level' Where------Now things have slowed down last week I didn't hear a peep... Now he has something More in his fire with 'Forgettin' to tell you about the BFF moving and not contacting anyone, which this includes you as part of that list.
    He is Not into making You nor anyone a Real part of his life as far as a Real Relationship goes. He has baggage to boot, has gone through some rough patches and with these 'Stars on his back,' he has More than he can handle and not being hooked the hip being one of them.
    Let him go, give him his space. Stay a friend for now, keep it lite and semi sweet and don't wear your own heart on your sleeve. Don't mention anything to 'Trigger something' that you probably just should keep in your pocket. If he needs a friend indeed, he will contact you. Go about your own life, 'Let it flow naturally' and accept things for what they are and always will be.
    Good luck and blessings for the new year. xx


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  • You contradict yourself. It's just good sex, he has with you that has you emotionally hooked. You're either into him or Not. My crystal balls, talk to him and put it on the table. If he is not into you... You had your fun.

  • Wow what a mess of a guy. Do you really want this in your lkfe?

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