Valentine's Day is coming up. What is the most memorable thing you've done on Valentine's Day or what would be something you would really like to do?

Get those imaginative juices flowing and spill what the greatest Valentin's experience was or would be.


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  • To be honest I don't think I've ever had a good Valentine's, I've been single every time barring once, and that time I was 16 in school and so it wasn't really 'memorable'. I would love to have a guy give me a single red rose or something simple and sweet :)

    • Interesting point - simple and sweet vs. over the top romantic? ... I feel a poll question coming on.

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  • Get her a necklace and take her out to dinner

    • Hmm... Sounds okay, but perhaps not in the category of "most memorable", right?

  • I would come home to him where we get all dressed up and go on a fun double date with our friends, doing some sort of activity and then going out to a nice restaurant where we share a chocolate dessert and he gives me a rose. Afterwards we change into something more comfortable, leaving our friends and we ride on his motercycle to the beach where he plays me a song he wrote on his guitar. Then we laugh and talk while playing cards and drinking sparkling cider. We then cuddle in a blanket while we watch the sun set. I fall asleep on his shoulder and he carries me to the car. I wake up when we arrive home and he starts the bath. He tells me to "wait, don't come it yet". Finally I'm allowed in and he's filled the tub with rose pedals and lit some candles, with soft music playing in the background. We kiss. Slowly and tenderly we undress each other, kissing gently on newly revealed skin. He says "you're so beautiful" I say "I love you". Then he helps me into the tub. We never let go of each other's hand. I tell him to turn around and I give him a back massage. I'm straddling him and kissing his neck the whole time. When it's my turn he squeezes my breasts softly and it makes me moan. "Getting wet?" He asks. "Very wet" I say. He says "let me clean the rest of you". I get out of the water and sit on the edge of the tub. He leaves a trail of kisses starting from my cheek, down to my tummy and then inbetween my legs. There's a reverence and gentle, peacefulness to the way he's kissing me, starring at me, holding me, focussing and in the way he's lapping his tongue. I stop him and say "let me return the favor". We switch spots and I trail the same kisses down to his spot. Everything is tender, and loving and thoughtful. His hands are rested on his thighs... then we go to the bedroom. I put on red, lace langerie, etc

    • Wow, that's pretty detailed. A romance novelist, are we?

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    • I like it, thanks for sharing. (C:

    • Thanks, and you're welcome! Happy to share :)

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  • what is Valentine's Day?

    • Because you don't believe in celebrating it or because you are unaware of its existence?

    • i think it's jus another day of the year. why that big fuss about it?

    • Well, possibly can be looked at as:
      - opportunity
      - fun
      - chore
      - reminder of how f'ing empty things feel

      I'll go with 1 & 2 for as long as it lasts, since 4 wasn't my thing