Red flags from this girl I'm dating?

Me and this girl hit it off but here is a list of things I notice that I feel might be a problem:

3 kids, one of them is 22 meaning my gf was like 15 when she got pregnant...

Acts weird with her cell phone. As if she is trying to hide who she is texting from me. She was complaining about her phone not charging and I ask her for it so I can look at it and she wouldn't give it too me.

Doesn't tell the whole story. Which is kind of like lying. She told me about a trip her and her kids had a while back. Me and her were not dating at the time. When we started dating she told me there is more to the story. She took a guy she was seeing. She said she didn't want that to come out of one of her kids mouth around me so she felt she had to tell me... Makes me feel like she will lie and not give full details so it makes me question is she trustworthy...

Weird night outs, she would tell me she is going out on a Friday to her girlfriends and her phone dies and she comes home the next day around 2pm... This has happen twice so far...

What do you think?

So this morning she sends me a break up text... I drove to her place to talk about the text and she is saying it's her not me bs. She still denies there is another man... I just looked her in the eyes told her she is the most beautiful woman I've ever met, pressed my head against hers, cried wished her the best then walked off... Sucks she is my best friend but I guess that is going to change too...


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  • She has another guy

    • Wow this sad but that's what I think

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    • well it's up to you what you wanna do really

    • She did it again this past Friday but she added her phone won't even charge... She called me from her house phone and after that I don't hear from her the entire weekend...

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  • she's cheating on you. Or she's cheating on the other guy with you. I think the second one.

    • Well I'm known as the boyfriend to the kids so she is cheating on me probably... Sucks

  • She's cheating on you.


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  • Dude bail, she's a lier and a baby machine and she's seeing another guy.

    • Last week she has been trying to break it off with me and I think it's bc of the other guy she knows I'm on to her and wants to get out before getting caught... I'm still fucking her though so it sucks for the other guy lol

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