I had sex with this girl know she still seems a little distant?

So this is a girl I have known for a month. We had a couple dates and then I met some of her friends and she went home with me. We had not even kissed and she starts telling me how she takes things really slow and so we go lay down and she asked me if I'm a good kisser so we make out and go to bed. When we woke up more kissing led to sex inevitably and it was good she said she had not had it in 10 months and it was the best she ever had. Later that week she came over to get her jacket and she said she would like to take things slower and not have sex with me. We start making out and I take her to my bed and more kissing and she finally just says let's have sex and she was loving it so much. So I text her everyday it's been a week and she does have a lot going on with her life she's a bad communicator I hate that so sometimes I take it as disinterested because I'm not used to that. What should I do at this point I just asked her to get together tomorrow. But can someone tell me what is going through her head I mean I make it obvious I think that I don't want her just for sex. She claims her family is weird and I think she doesn't want me to meet them and she's only had sex with a guy after knowing them for months.


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  • She's not ready for anything serious she seems kinda like me but in a way not she's running away and pushing guys away to avoid getting hurt and she really sounds like a caring girl who wants to do the right things by family and other people even thow she had sex does not mean she doesn't have self respect for herself to me it sounds like her priorities are on what they need to be focus on and she has way to much on her mind right now to want to consider something else more with a guy she might like the feeling of a guy caring but she's wanting more then a caring guy someones who is there not because she ask them to but wants to a lot of girls won't tell a guy what they want because every girl wants a guy to be there because he wants to not because they asked them to I think she might see herself in a way other people don't but looks at herself as nothing more but the girl every guy wants to hook up with but not be with she doesn't want just sex and neither do u but she may be confused on what she's ready for and just not ready for a relationship


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