Valentine's Day: what's better, simple and sweet or over-the-top romantic gesture?

When some think of Valentine's Day they immediately go to over-the-top romantic gestures. I asked a question about most memorial V Day and someone reminded me that sometimes simple and sweet gestures are the best. What say you?

  • Simple and Sweet - single rose, make them dinner or...
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  • Grand Gesture - fancy restaraunt, concord (okay can't do that anymore) to Pari, something else elaborate
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  • I don't have (or want to share) an opinion, but want to know what everyone else think, so show me the answers
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  • I'd like something simple. Maybe a little something (a flower etc.), making a fancy dinner together at home and for the grand finale a cozy evening in the sofa eating ourselves fat on chocolate :3 For me Valentine's day is a day when me and my guy can spend the whole day just being with each other and doing things together. Not a day for gifts and grand gestures.


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  • I agree.
    We are talking about Valentine's day, not a anniversary day.
    It's the little and simple things that matter the most to me.
    It is those things that we often forget.
    Going over the top doesn't always prove someones love for me.
    It's how they treat me and show how much they care for me.

  • I would go into the other category and say something personal instead. Things that show that the other person notices/remembers the small things about you really hit home. So like if it was me and I mentioned I really liked a band a concert would be ideal or even a t-shirt for the band depending on how long we had been dating for.

  • Depends what she likes obvi


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