I caught him staring at me more than once. Is he into me?

I went to a get together event with a couple of people (we were perhaps 15 people there or so) and I didn't know most of them. There was a cute guy there, who I saw was looking at me a couple of times. At one point, I was eating my pizza and turned towards his direction. I caught him staring at me and he quickly realised, so he looked away. This happened once more during the night.

We didn't actually get to talk together during the night, as he had to leave early to go to work the next morning.

So why was he staring at me? Could he just be cuirous or was there more to it?


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  • When you look at a guy, are you always interested?

    • In this particular case I was interested in him, which was why I turned to look at him a few times.

    • It's just like that, it's possible he may or may not. There's no way to know unless you ask.

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