So I've never had a girlfriend due to wanting to wait for the right person. Should I continue to wait or date for fun?

I'm 22 never even kissed someone. I've waited so long I think I should wait until it's with someone I'd like to remember as my first. But I'm also doubting that anyone who is my first will be a good memory. Should I pick my first as someone I won't have a relationship with (no bad memory if no break up) or should I wait for someone I could love? Will any of this matter to a future girlfriend?

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  • You should date for fun! It's fun to go out and get to know someone and who knows you could end up falling in love with her that way! There's nothing wrong with dating for fun. Obviously don't just dive into a committed relationship for fun because you'll regret it but it doesn't hurt to date!


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What Girls Said 2

  • date for fun. you don't have to have sex with anyone.. plus, who knows, maybe that's how you'll meet "the right one". (:

  • Date for fun, so you get more experience about relationships


What Guys Said 3

  • Although I'm only 19, I've also never even kissed a girl. But at this point I have developed a kind of "Meh... if it happens it happens, but if it doesn't then... oh well, probably not meant to be in my case."

    I'm trying to say is that you shouldn't let your situation get to your head - women can sense that. So long as you're happy with yourself, someone MAY come along.

    • I felt the exact same way at that time and kind of still do. I just sometimes wonder if it makes no difference and won't live up to my expectations why wait. Just some normal doubt about choices I guess.

  • You have to date girls to find out if there the right one for you. You can't just sit around all the time and expect one to come to you. If you date a girl and she cheats on you she's obviously isn't the one. If you see someone you like talk to her, or at least get her number. That lets her know your interested. Be confident with yourself. But in my opinion things might be weird since you never had a girlfriend and she's probably had like 5 or more. If you want tell her your new to dating and if she doesn't like that then she's not the one. Good luck

    • I'm not waiting around I'm just kind of picky about who I will date and I'm usually interested in girls who are not interested or taken. But I do need to be more open minded thanks.

    • Your welcome

  • i would date for fun