Guys: Did the Manager just asked me out?

FYI: We are in a different department, I work in the restaurant, he is in the front desk of the hotel. Anywho, I came up to his office because I wanted advice since I will have a front desk interview for another property. He gave me really good answers and toward the end he's like , "we're gonna miss you around here and that smile"

He later asked me if I ever figured out what drink im allergic to, because he wants to take me out for a drink. I said, I think I'm not allergic to wine, and he's like cool, maybe a glass of wine then.

I got shy that he asked me, so my response to his invitation was pretty passive. He then ended it by saying"stop by if you have any more questions" he's a manager from a different department by the way. Did I just mess everything up? Did he just really ask me out?


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  • No. You're just having dirty fantasies about him