Dating Fellow Nurses?

Do my fellow nurses feel the same as I (especially us male nurses) in that you feel that you can only really feel content, be understood (huge for me), communicate well, talk about work and de-stress from it all. All for the sake of feeling happy, loved, and/or "truly" appreciated in a relationship. In previous relationships I have felt more used, then appreciated because of my personality and my job and how they mesh together.

This is why i often feel like only nurses get other nurses. I look around, but often see rings on my fellow co-workers or learn they are with other guys. Others, well.. they've either been in the job too long, or are travelers that leave before you get to know them. I know what i want.. i just can't find it. Maybe my thinking is wrong.. maybe i seen and see to much negative to see things differently..

I will give RT's credit. They have a hellish job too. But same story. I guess i just can keep dreamin' huh?


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  • I'm a register nurse I wouldn't date anyone form my job (kaiser) it's a whore house everybody dates everybody and then they talk bad about them I already know how the ass of some of my colleagues is because the guys make fun of them at the lunch room

  • I get where you are coming from. I am not a nurse, but I did become half of one haha. I dropped out half way through because I didn't think I could handle it. When ever a patient of mine died in clinical, or when there was a really tough day, I felt like none of my friends or family could really get what I was talking about. Plus, you're not supposed to give a whole lot of detail about your patients either. But with my classmates I could be a bit more open and they knew what I was feeling without being too detailed. They were my second family. Even though I left the program I am still friends with many of them. Unfortunately for me at the time, there were only 3 guys in our class. 1 was gay, 1 already had a serious girlfriend, and the 3rd was almost twice my age!


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