Not too sure what to do about this?

So my gf use to date this guy before me who didn't treat her very well. Nothing physical, all emotionally and mental. She got really depressed at one point and other things. But she still has to be around him every now and again because of sports. She is civil with him but wants nothing to do with him and is too nice to say anything. He text her every now and again saying stuff like "your the best thing that has ever happened to me" "do you resent me" and other things. She knows how I feel about him, but its starting to really annoy me because one the way he treated her but also he keeps trying to make her feel bad about her self. It upsets her when he does stuff like that. I'm to that point were I want to say something to him. It won't be very nice but I don't give a shit. I'm not sure what my girlfriend would say if I talked to him. I would say soothing like look Kate is too nice to say anything but I'm not. Stop sending her messages that don't and shouldn't be sent. She wants nothing to do with you, she is only being civil because you two are on the same team. She does not appreciate it and I certainly don't either so stop. What are yours thought on this thingy?


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  • I think you need to run it by her, but someone needs to say something to this guy. My friend has a mentally abusive ex and it really caused her a lot of pain. He won't stop until someone tells him to stop. Standing up to him might also be a good way for her to heal and get some closure too.

    • Yeah I would run it by her first

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  • I think you should approach this guy and tell him what you think. Tell him "he look man I don't like what your doing, stop texting my gf she's with me not you". Let him know your serious about it. Don't approach him like your about to fight. Just be calm about it. If he doesn't agree to stop messaging her. Tell your gf to block his number. Make sure you treat her good and understand what she's been through with the other guy. She should be mad if you talk to him, it's just man to man. If she wants the messages to stop she should speak up for herself or have you to talk to him.

    • Yeah I wouldn't go into it being aggressive or anything. Just tell it like it is and be done with it.

    • Yes, exactly just get it over with. The sooner the better.

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