Torn between just giving up on girl or trying to make contact and get her to understand?

I've known this girl for a while as we live in small town and very close to each other and spent a lot of time going to the same bars and such during summer's here. but mostly only see her at bars and that has made our friendship better when were out hanging but seem to have communication issues and our friendship has been strained a few times due to various events. we never actually dated but always been some chemistry and feelings for her. but she sort of just disappears for long periods and I have no clue what she is up to and she won't even reply to my attempts to contact her when she's at school. but then she reappears at bar during holiday break and expects me to talk to her and buy her free drinks. and then gets all jealous when she see's me talking to another girl.

a part of me just wants to give up on her entirely for time being and then another part of me wants to try and like make contact again and get her to hear me out as they say and get her to understand why I'm frustrated with things


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  • You should let her know how you feel about her and see if she feels the same , which is obvious she does like you if she's getting jealous. After that see if she would like for you two to start going out and take it from there. How would she know how you feel if you don't say anything?


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