Does he like both of us or am I just a distraction?

I would love if you could give me advice on this one as it's tearing me apart. I'm in love with my friend - unfortunately one of those mysterious, intelligent musicians whom I can't figure out. A friend of mine has told me that that he does like this other girl but that she doesn't want a relationship (she's around a lot of guys and doesn't want commitment) and yet weeks before she told him this, he'd ask if he could sleep beside me and I let him as we're good friends and I trust him. He put his arm around my waist, staring into my eyes all night while our mouths were close and I could feel his breath. He didn't try and kiss me or anything. He whispered 'my love' when he thought I was asleep - he was tipsy. He also stroke my hair. It confuses me as he is my classmate and I do not want to admit that I love him if he's just using me as some kind of emotional distraction from this other girl.. How should I handle this? I can't get over him as he keeps sitting beside me in class even though he could sit anywhere else. I don't want to be his rebound girl but I am lost in his brown eyes. I'm quite introverted and yet I happen to work as a model and therefore I'm afraid I would just be his 'confidence boost'. I have always been very independent and it bothers me that I've fallen in love. I'm afraid of rejection and being used


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  • lol. who gives a batpoop.

    • You are absolutely right mate

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