How do I regain a guy's interest after ignoring him (not intentionally)?

So I ignored a guy because I was scared to show how I feel. If they talk to me of course I will talk to them but when I see them I get nervous and ignore them!!! This particular guy now does the same back and I don't mean it. I swear He just takes over me and I get flustered and nervous. I can see he still has interest but it's not like before of course... will y'all help me restart?


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  • Awwww that's cute!! Well you need to start saying "hi", just a simple "hi" will suffice.

    • It's been weeks and I pass him in the hall almost every morning. Would it be weird that I now say hi to him out of the blue?

    • Just do it hun the worse thing u can do is to over think things. Take it from a person who overthinks, start learning to separate your emotions from what needs to be done, you will feel much better and confident.

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  • I can't express enough how much i hate schoolgirl logic. Just stop ignoring him. Send him a message on Facebook like "hey" talk about your weekends and gossip and other shit.

    flirting is a two way street

    • I love how guys are so confident and collected but I get nervous in person and make excuses then never do what I planned like saying hi. He doesn't have a Facebook.

    • Trust me, im only calm and collected because i've been through the socially inept highschool stage and learned to just not really give a shit.

      If you have his number then give him a text. If that isn't possible then just walk up to him smile and start a conversation.

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