Please be honest. Is she interested?

I went on a first date with a nice girl on Wednesday last week. The date went well, and it ended with a friendly hug ( No i didn't go for a kiss). She texted me after to thank me for it which i liked and i decided to send her some roses. She got them this past Friday and she loved them (she even posted it on fb and tagged me on it). we agreed to go to a 2nd date tomorrow. I texted her yesterday to say that she was on my mind and i hope that she was having a nice weekend. She didn't respond. Am i overthinking everything? or maybe she is not into me yet or not at all.


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  • Hmm I find it weird that she didn't reply, do you text eachother regularly or just now and again? Maybe just drop her a text asking if tomorrow is still on and see if she responds and go from there :)

    • Well we texted a lot back and forth before the date. However me and her want to take things slow so i don't really know how to proceed with that

    • I think taking things slow isn't really an excuse to not respond, but I'd say just go with the flow of things and ask if tomorrow is on or not and you know from there if she's interested :)

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  • It is weird she didn't respond.
    Wait until tomorrow and send her a text,
    "Are we still on?"
    If she never answers and fades away I would think she genuinely wasn't interested.

    If she does answer and you end up seeing eachother,
    You can casually ask her if she received that message you sent her.

    Just for future reference.
    You've been doing well for far with dating this girl.
    Being a perfect gentlemen and impressing her (whether she chooses to equally pursue you or not).
    But allow her to send messages to you as well (initiate contact).
    If you're constantly texting her first and not giving her to chance to miss or see what you're up to,
    She can lose interest.
    Why? Because you would be suffocating her.
    A lot of people don't like those are seem clingy especially from the beginning.
    A little space and a little room isn't so bad.

    • Thanks! i haven't been texting her much honestly. but she did text me first the day before the date, asking if we were on. She also was eager to go as she texted me this before the date "only a couple more hours"

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  • I would have personally said that second text was a bit too strong and not the smartest of moves. However she agreed to a second date so she is obviously into you. Just relax, dont worry about it and enjoy date number 2.

    • I agree, i thought it might have been one of those "cute" texts...

  • Dude she's totally into you but I recommend on the next date don't be scared to get close to her stare her in the eyes and kiss her, slowly. Remember make her feel comfortable make her laugh have fun and don't overthink everything. Be confident and make her feel special.

  • Oh man. Girls are difficult creatures to understand...
    Good luck :)

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