How to take things slow? What is it exactly?

I am starting to date again, and i do not want to rush things again with another girl. In my past i have started to date a woman and ended up in a relationship in less than 3-4 weeks. I don't want to rush things over with a new girl i am dating, as she wants to go slow as well. I know sex is out of the question because i want to make sure i like the person for whom they are not for what they do in bed. But what exactly is taking is slow? does it mean i should not go in for a kiss? no physical contact besides a hello/goodbye hug? no texting? I honestly don't know lol


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  • I like to take things slow but by that I mean I like to go on dates to get to know the person more, kisses and cuddles are okay and so is texting otherwise how else am I going to be able to feel if there's any connection or bond there? I don't have sex and I don't do the whole meet the parents thing until I'm certain something will happen.


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  • Depends on HOW slow you want to take it. Besides, these things are relative, meaning u only learn in the process. You might start dating somebody, and when you're with them you feel so physically to them then the next that will it causes you to actually reduce the waiting time and go straight for it. Love is like a raging ocean, you might decide to go slow but in the end you'll end up drowning once the right wave hits you. But to answer your question: Taking it slow means not going too fast, so yes you can text, Skype and everything else, but just don't do it too often or try too hard. Act like friends, and slowly rise up, while avoiding the “friend zone". It's like a ladder; make it clear from the beginning that you're planning on going all the way... But don't skip any steps because you might just fall.


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  • Get to know each other let her know who you are and then when you guys are comfortable hug. When she's really relaxed then go for a kiss if you know how to do it.

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