What do you think of a woman who has only been in one long term relationship? Are you more interested or less?

The thing is with this is a girl could know very little of relationships, or a lot of they've been paying attention to the world around them or learned from their past relationship.

I'm curious though if as a 20-30 something woman has only had one relationship, are you more interested or less so?


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  • Just so long as im not getin judged on the amount of people iv been involved with. Live an let live.


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  • doesn't matter at all. If someone cares about this they are stupid!


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  • Does it really matter? You sound insecure.

    • Relax, I don't know how someone can even arrive at that assumption. What does this have to do with me, I just asked it. Maybe you are the inecure one as this struck a chord?

    • The fact that you need to ask about, speak humongous volume.