How often to text not to seem clingy?

I basically just started talking to this girl and we have been on one date. Before the date we talked almost every day and it was awesome now. Since she has been busy and starting school I have got 1 text. Anyway now that she is busy Im really worried about driving her off Im a notorious texter and have no off switch. I text any one I talk to very very often multiple times a day in most cases. This does not always come off well with women when you first start seeing each other. So what is that magic sweet spot where you seem interested but not clingy?


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  • Texting quantity is not a problem if the girl is into you. I'd say just be yourself, tell her you like to text.
    She's be fine with it

    • I have but I worry, I tend to do that :P she knows I like to talk and when i do its a lot. i just worry she was so shy on our date I just worry she really was not interested at all. I worry that she is just the nice shy type and will not tell me to piss off. Or that if she does like me she will think Im to clingy and freak out. I had that happen with an ex 2 texts in a 1 week span and she broke it off, granted she had shit going on and we were on the rocks but its left a mark of fear. :P but thanks it nice to hear a females opinion. All she has said was that she had a very nice time on our date when I asked after how it had went for her.

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  • Organised a second date if she wants to. On which, you can ideally raise the topic that you spend so much time on your phone and feel like you text people too much then see how she reacts.

    • The problem is she is now off at school a ways off and busy. She is very shy and a book worm so I have to be gentle with these things. Also I was planning on asking I just want to get her talking on the reg again before I do.

    • Dont be cautious, just go full on and see if she wants a second date. Girls find confidence in that area romantic

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