Who should be the main women?

Do you guys/girls believe that even if a girl and a guy have been seriously dating for a while that a guys nim should still be his main women? Even after dating like 4 years? If you believe that they should in what ways should a mom be a main women over a girlfriend? In what ways should he show that his mom is still his main women?


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  • The mom should not be the main woman.
    I married a man like this. It's not healthy. We are divorced now.

    • Thank you that's what I was trying to say. Yeah a couple Yeats of dating sure fine put mom first after that um no a guy has to grow up and learn when you have to make your women the main priority.

    • Mom shouldn't be first really ever after things get serious. I promise you. My brother is close to our mother (close to her, tells her everything, never shy with kisses and hugs) but his girlfeind? He's there in a heartbeat for her. And my mom loves to see her son acting like a MAN and would never demand his time. There's loving your mom and there's being a little boy, little mamas boy

    • Just wanna say, I spent years and years thinking I expected too much but it turns out I wasn't. Don't waste another 4 years

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  • My buddy went through this with his gf recently. He got a job in another city so had to rent an appartment there temporarily while she stayed at home, his mother bought him some furniture and his gf was pissed that he accepted it because she thought she should be allowed to choose it, even though she wasn't gonna be staying there. She also thought his mom was having too much of a say in things. There's sometimes rivalry between gfs and moms as they compete and it manifests itself in stupid shit like that. That hasn't been the only incident either. My buddy told his gf she was about that bullshit and she'd never come between him and his mother. Moms take priority over gfs.

    • In what ways would you say that moms should take priority? What about partners who never marry should mothers always take priority? I believe that when a guy becomes an adult naturally he should start taking his girlfriends feelings into consideration more so than his moms because as an adult you start to form your life and settle down with your partner so naturally you will put their interests first. I think a guy should be able to stand up to his mom if she is interfering to much with his relationship. Now that being said that doesn't mean that his mom can never come first just that as you get older I think your priorities tend to shift. You also mention that your Buddy said she isn't going to come in between him and his mom well what about the mom coming in between him and his gf? How long have they been going out because if it was like less then 2 years and they are younger I agree with your friend but if its been like 4 years and he still can't stand up to his mom or for the most

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    • accepting furniture doesn't mean your a mommas boy! He busts his balls travelling back and forth anyway. I'm not gonna slate my buddy's gf but she can be ridiculous sometimes, as can all women.

    • when the behavior is unreasonable, you'd choose your mother and your gf could lump it or leave.

  • I'm sorry but I could not follow your question. What is a nim? And what do you mean by main woman?

    • Auto correct changed mom to nim for some reason

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