Why does he keep coming back?

We click most of the time. when we dont one of us is mad at eachother for a while then we forgive and forget. I mess up a lot. He rarely does. he's the one who tries to fix it. i do forgive also. weve been together for three years now. Im so flawed and he's perfect. He looks at me with love in his eyes as he did the first day he spotted me. Why does he keep coming back? Will there come a time when he gets tired, stops firgiving and move on?


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  • There will be a time where either you think you messed up so big that you leave him. Or he will be so pissed he leaves. You should really stop fighting over silly things that are not super important. Look at the bigger picture.

    Reality check: he ain't perfect, neither are you. You both have flaws and good points. He is with you 'cause he knows you are a good person deep down. So stop being so insecure ( I know it's hard ) he really cares. Though I am afraid if you do keep this attitude up he will not stick around forever. But that depends on how often/long/bad you fight.

    Good luck!

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