Reading too much into "take care" or is it just a genuinely nice message?

So I've been seeing someone for a couple of months now. We always get along really well and make each other happy. He's very open with his emotions. We hung out for the longest time over the weekend (24 hrs) but were both very quiet. I did mention I didn't feel okay about the whole quiet thing but just wanted to make sure he was okay. He then wrote me a text saying how happy I made him and that he enjoys my company even when we don't have much to say to each other. He wished me an entertaining night and then said "take care lovely girl". What's your take on this? Is it a final goodbye or am I reading too much into "take care"?


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  • I wouldn't read too much into "take care" as I was said goodbye with these words by a flight attendant once. I think in that case it could mean both, rather just genuinely nce message though. Maybe he doesn't assume you get in contact soon and wants you to survive that time?


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