Dating advice needed?

Hey , I'm new hear by the way :D, I really need some advice on how to be more confident around women. I'm 19 but I still get very shy around the girls I like and who I find attractive. I really want to get over this because I feel really stupid and disappointed every time I don't let a girl that I like to know how I feel Thanks for any advice.


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  • Be confident and know what you want. If you find a really nice girl, treat her like she's the only one. If you get nervous, don't worry! Us girl's find it really adorable. If you get too shy, just don't even think about what you're going to say next just do what feels right to you. Shyness is hard to get over it, but with help and confidence you can defeat it. Maybe even ask friends for help, they've probably all felt the same way at some point. :) Hope this helps.


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