Should I cut him off or wait it out?

I'm completely lost. We talk less via text and over the phone these days. The last time we went out we were both laughing and smiling a lot. He was being more affectionate towards me (putting his arm around me) and I wasn't shying away from it. I didn't get the impression he didn't enjoy my company at all.. He dropped me home and texts me good night. It was the nicest date I've been on in ages. I asked what we are going to do next a few days later and he said he hadn't really thought about it. Since then the contact is on and off.

This time around its mostly me initiating. He's responses are slow in general, he's usually at work and he seems to have a busy social life - just seems 10 times slower right now. I don't wanna keep asking when I'll see him, so I'm just gonna see if he brings it up. I don't wanna come across needy, I do really like this guy though.


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  • Cut him off n stick with me.. :D


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