This guy and I hit it off and then after the second date, no response. What happened?

So, I went on a few dates with this guy. The second one wasn't as good as the first, but still enjoyable. He tells me he had a lot of fun and that he wants to see me again. I messaged him recently and it's been a few days and no response. What happened?


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  • Guys generally don't need to be proven anything if they're relatively decent people. However, it's relationship suicide for a girl to take no answer as a sign. Most guys simply forget to reply, or after that are even too intimidated to reply a day late, hoping you don't get mad. I'll be honest. the other sex sure is nice, but it feels like dancing with a shark, because if something goes wrong with a relationship, most social and interpersonal blame goes to the guy in a common relationship, not to mention that some girls will try to even limit their eye contact and complain that they were looking at other girls. of course it happens, like 51% of world population is female.

    Contrary to popular belief, not many guys "lose interest" in much at all. just inconsiderate ones. he's probably either a little intimidated, or if you met him at a club or something, probably a prick.

    Bottom line, get in touch with him, and try to just hang out. he'll make it clear if he wants to keep going, and if he's a douche... well... today's society favors a strong woman who lets him go, right?

    • He did seem a bit nervous in person. I could tell he was holding back a bit, especially with flirting. I did get in touch with him, but he didn't answer.

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  • I find His behavior of putting you on his pay no mind list inexcusable, rude and crude... it seems with the 'Second date' that he has Now had a sudden change of heart in his head and Instead of just coming right out and telling you he doesn't want a Third-------No response.
    Don't contact him again unless he pushes a button on his end here, dear. If it has been a 'Few days' and still counting, you may not hear from him again. This is showing me that he didn't have the balls with not really having a Ball, to let you down easy or that it wasn't as 'Enjoyable' as you thought.
    Good luck. xx

  • he lost interest. the second date was your chance to prove him wrong and change his mind. you proved him right and he lost interest