Would you be OK with your gf/love interest having an impossible yet deep rooted love for a celebrity?

To be specific, the celebrity is Billy Joel. So as you can see the age difference alone is so out of whack that I wouldn't think there would be a problem. Even if I do fan girl a bit too much. But I don't know, it might also just be annoying?


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  • Long as ya never put that peep before ya partner.

    my gf likes that dude from thor, I don't know his name... blonde chap... anyway.

    That's cool
    but if we made plans or were being romantic. .. and she mentioned him or delayed our plans because he was doing an interview or something.
    The relationship brakes come on lol

    • Haha that would be fucked up, its nothing like that. The dude is 65 and married so mehhh. My brother made me worry about it, said that why I'm single 0,0 thank you for the input!

    • Lol na, he is winding you up.
      long as it never crosses the little bits I said, should have no worries ^_^
      maybe ya bf will love billy Joel too hah

    • I don't think I could date a guy that doesn't, "our song" would have to be at least 20 different ones by the same guy haha. No worries then (:

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  • I mean, if Billy Joel and your guy were both in front of you which would you pick? I find Tom Felton attractive but if he and my boyfriend were in front of me my boyfriend would win.

    • Well its hard because I don't have a boyfriend, its just my brother and some of my friends say a guy won't date me if I fan girl over a 65 year old so much XD to be fair, I'm mostly fangirlin over the 25 year old version of him.