Would a man really feel that he likes you too much to meet you?

The situation - we have only messaged each other, never met but both really like each other. He has made plans to travel for a year next year overseas. He did want to meet me and said nothing would make him happier BUT he is afraid that he would fall in love with me because of the feelings he has for me now and he would want to cancel his plans that is a dream of his, so now he says that we shouldn't meet because he doesn't think it should become real and he doesn't want to hurt me if we fell in love and he then left for a year. Does this sound like something that a man could actually struggle with? Or just a really bad excuse? (he still wants to talk to me though)

Is his name Dane? Because a guy pulled the exact same bullshit with me, same words and all, and yes, it's bullshit. He's stringing you along. Don't hold your breathe on that jerk.


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  • I think this guys a total fake. Even if he is going overseas which I doubt nothing would stop me from wanting to meet. Stupid piss poor lame excuse.

    • Could he really feel that I would be a reason that would make him cancel his plans and so he thinks it's better not to meet me if we just have to part again?

  • NO! I've never heard or felt that way.

    • Believe for a moment that he's an exception, is it plausible?

    • Well when I think back, in middle school when a girl approached my friend he ran away. So... this is plausible...

    • He believes he is doing the right thing, like maybe a noble thing, so we wouldn't fall in love and then have to part.

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