When should I start back up again?

herro, a few months ago I had a pretty bad break up, she went behind my back and shit etc. so ever since then I have had trouble trusting people and have decided to 'take a break' but I want to know when should I get back into the game and how will I trully know if I can trust her


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  • Well it mostly depends on you. When your heart is ready & when you feel alright to open up again.

    • thanks, that's kinda what I figured. but I was wondering if I could have any separate imput

    • I don't think anyone would be able to tell you exactly when because. In less than 3 months or in a year or in two years, you could fall head over heels for another girl. It's really up to you. Love isn't forces in someone remember. It comes naturally even when we choose not to. That's the annoying thing about love. When you do fall for a girl, don't behave insecure. Be bold ;) and try to get the past behind you. It's pretty hard to get the past behind you. Trust is the most important thing in a relationship. After that other things come into place. But just give another person a try. No two people are ever the same. Like the way our finger print and fingers aren't the same

    • Love isn't forced on someone ****

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