How to date the girl with a very active social life?

So I have a tendency to date women with a very active social life which I have no problem with as I'm a very independent person. However I've found this usually means that it is hard to schedule dates because either I'm trying to work around their pre-existing plans with friends or after going out a number of times they feel between their friends and me they have no free time so usually I'm the one let go. So what is the key to dating a girl without her thinking I am taking all of her free time?

*Just as a side note I usually only try to schedule a date one night a week.*

*Another side note I'm referring more to the beginning stages of dating.*


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  • Try talking to her about setting aside one night every week, like every Thursday evening, perhaps, just for you and her. That way future plans are more or less scheduled around you instead of the other way around, but she still has plenty of time to hang out with her friends.

    • That is a great idea and one I'll definitely use in a relationship! However the case I am currently experiencing is at the beginning stages of dating (i. e. a couple of dates only)

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