Ladies please judge, what are my chances?

hey, just wanted to know, what are my chances and would anyone like me.

I'm 5.7 and pretty lanky, but I'm working on that, I'm pretty toned with a bit of a 6 pack

I am Italian, have long hair and am loud, funny and out going

I also have a medium to large scar on my right arm (if that has anything to do with anything)

please tell me how much of a chance I stand


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  • I feel like this is the generic answer you will probably get, and are not looking for, but I will say it anyways because it's the truth. You shouldn't be worried about your looks, height, or your scars and if they will attract girls. As a girl myself, personality is so much more important than looks. Your character, interests, values, and personality is what you should want someone to like about you. Those are the things that are important, and those things last longer than looks. Having a connection with someone that is mental, is so much more important than someone thinking you are attractive.

    • you I know I know it's just, I don't really know how to explain my personality

    • Without getting too wordy, I would like to add that part of being 'attractive' is being able to make her feel comfortable.

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  • I'd love to say focus less on your appearance and more on your personality, but in the end, your face is what lures them in, and your personality is what makes them stay. Try to focus equally on both, and when the right girl comes along, it'll happen. :D

  • If men were for sale, you'd be off the shelves for sure. Haha, but yeah, most girls would think you're pretty awesome. And girls like a guy who's toned, but not crazy toned. So you have really high chances. But don't go crazy with looks, girls like a guy with a great personality too. Good Luck.

  • I mean looks wise yea I would like u but I would also have to get to know u see what ur personality is like and with scars I couldn't really care I mean I have a scar but it isn't on my arm its under my eye

  • A chance at what? Girls finding you attravtive?


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  • I enjoy responding to questions like yours, Jamin_Beast.
    The girls have already given you some good clues what they are interested in.
    I can tell you from my own personal experience (yes I was young once too!) that women are not that hard to get along with.

    If you can be comfortable in your own skin, and try to be yourself, not try to mimic something beyond your capacity, you will find that your relationships with girls will be quite successful. Have confidence in your personality, not your physique.

    If you really want to nurture a relationship, here are some clues.

    Girls are just as bewildered as you are in trying to forge a bond with boys. You can do better by just having good communication skills. TALK to her, but also LISTEN and comment on what she says. Take her to places where she feels secure and safe. Try to make your date with her relaxing and enjoyable. If you can make her feel comfortable with you, then you are on the road to success. All of this is the subtle form of seduction.

    2 - RESPECT HER:
    This is part of making her feel comfortable. If you can earn her trust, you will be her go-to guy. Gradually you can hone this budding romance into a true friendship.

    3 - AVOID SEX!
    That can come later when and if you BOTH are ready. You and she will know when that time comes. Pushing for sex before you're ready can ruin that sense of trust. Don't worry. If she really likes you she will not leave you disappointed.

    Have confidence young man. If you treat women with respect you will eventually find your dream girl!
    Besides you never know someday you could be working for her!

  • I don't know brother, what are your chances?

    Do you have faith andself confidance in your self as a human being and your abilities?

    Do you have your own internal validation or do you need the vlaidation of others to prove your worth?

    Do you NEED to have a lady to prove yourself as a man?

    ask yourself really long and hard about some of these kind of questions then you should be able to awsner it yourself in no time.

    I know you can do it ! : )