Has this ever happened to you? What should I do?

So basically, this guy I like, my friend, and the guy she likes were over my house and we were watching movies. At the start we were cuddling, then he started kissing me, and making out with me. He had held hands with me on the way to my house, and on the way to the train station. I generally thought he liked me after this.
But the day after, I find out from my friend that he doesn't actually like me in that way. I went home in a bit of a state, feeling upset, embarrassed etc.
The guy was texting me on the way home, saying he wants to apologise. In all fairness I don't see the point, he's only going to make things feel worse for me, honestly. He even showed up at my house, but I shut the door because I really didn't feel like speaking to him. He said he wants to speak to me today... what do I do?


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  • Just talk to him. If he has the guts to put his pride aside and apologize, at least hear him out. You do not have to forgive him, just hear him out. And who knows maybe he changed his mind about his feelings for you. At least just hear what he has to say. I can totally understand why you are mad, but there are two sides to a story and you have yet to hear his.

    • Yeah you're right. I wanna speak to him, but I don't want him to say that he doesn't like me, even if he doesn't because I'd feel like such a fool.

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    • I could not agree more, he said he's confused, what about I don't know but he was real ratty with me. I'll probably just leave him alone for now.

    • Yeah sometimes it's best to just keep your distance.

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