Snapchat drama, how to fix?

now keep in mind that I'm not here to hear your recommendations about breaking up or moving on just because this girl gets upset about snapchat. she is stressed out about work, she lost her wallet, her makeup bag and I'm out traveling on business. So she has cause to be stressed out. But I need help, how can I convince her, either over the phone or over a text, that she matters to me more then anyone I snapchat. I think she's just on edge about that above things, but I want it to be good. I'm having trouble thinking of things to say while I'm giving lectures at this work conference. She means the world to me, and we've recently gotten to the stage where we are learning things about each other that annoy the other. Now in that regard we are ok, it came a lot earlier then expected so it's easier to change. Can anyone help? Also I deleted my snapchat, I never really use it anymore. And a little info on the reason, I normally don't have any one on my top friends list in snapchat. But after sending two snapchats, someone from my past became my top friend. she saw this and then got upset. The someone is a girl.


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  • Basically she needs you to calm her fears and make her feel special.
    Maybe tell her, specifically, all the things you really like about her.


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