Trying to talk to or show interest in a customer?

How would you show interest in a regular customer?

I've been going to the same store every week or so for a year, mostly guys work their and one girl. The manager usually flirts with me, like he'll ask if ima come back to and how he would like it and whatever. This other guy, very handsome always smiles at me, he never really talked to me.

He seemed alil weird sometimes to me, being very good-looking I kinda didn't think nothing of him because I kinda felt like he was out of my league. Im just a average looking girl, he seen me look a mess and dressed. Lately he has been trying to make eye contact He keeps looking at me when im in the store, sometimes he'll quickly look away and sometimes he'll just stare.

So yesterday he actually talk to me, he ask how my day was, the vibe was so crazy that we both forgot the amount of money my stuff was and we laughed about it. He touched my hand, gently. When me amd my sister was talking about something he kinda jump in and agreed with me about which was cool. He's been working there for a min, this is the first time I ever really felt a vibe between us and I don't go everyday but when I do it's something new and exciting to look forward to.
I dont like him but I do get excited about seeing him when I go to his store. Next time I go I want to look really cute and see how he acts.
If you were working how would you show if you were interested in a regular customer?


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  • Keep in mind that he might do this with other costumes I'm telling you cause I work at A&F and my co workers flirt with girl like all the time is crazy!!!

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