How do I get girl to talk to me or meet single girls?

i went out to day to kill time i see a girl that i am attracted to i finely build the courage to talk to her witch is NO EZ TASK FOR ME just to find out she got a boyfriend its like this ever time i meet some one they are ether seeing some one or they are married this getting f-ing old people y'all keep saying have faith but how the hell can. i when dose my dream come come true
what do i need to do to find some one OH BY THE WAY weight loss is not a option so please keep toughs comments to your self
PLEASE NO ONLINE DATING BEEN TRYING FOR 7 years and only had two dates


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  • Be honest, if you really like someone then tell them you like them. Take it slow, don't expect to makeout on a first date, but small things like hugs usually go well by proving you have a deeper interest with them without going to far.

    Confidence, do whatever it takes to make you feel like THE MAN. Get pumped, listen to some rock, flex your muscles, reinforce THE MAN.

    Icebreakers, start the conversation with something she is interested in and likes to talk about. Maybe you share a common interest like a TV show. Then go "Hey want to come over to my place and watch the new walking dead episode this Sunday night?"

    TimeSmart - if you're both out at 12 and haven't eaten yet, casually ask her if she want's to go get something to eat.

    You could get a wingman. I'm sure you have one of those friends that is really good with girls. A wingman is the guy that set's you up for success.