I am going to university this year, but I don't want to leave my boy?

I am soon going to university (i live in the uk) but I don't want to leave my boy because we both are so scared something will break us up. I want to go because I want to be further educated and enable to persue a career; I just need a little more direction with my future. He is staying in my home town but I'll be 4 hours away... He's
Worried I will get on another boy but I'm sure I won't!


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  • Ok... So? What was the question? Thinks for gods sake...
    Boys come and go, you have one chance to create your future... You know your not going to leave him and if he leaves you because of that then your better off without him. Choose the obvious one, your too young and most likely are not going to marry this guy... Go to university and study you'll meet a bunch of better guys. If he does stay with you then your the winner.
    Problem solved.


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  • It's time for a talk. If I had a girlfriend that told me this, I would want her to go on pursuing what makes her happy. It may make me upset, but seeing her not do want she wants to do would make me feel bad. Your young, go get what you want. If your love is strong, don't worry about distance. Just make sure you always let him know somehow that you live him and only him. He should do the same. This will only be a rest of how strong the relationship really is

  • It's all about trust. How are you ever gonna travel away from eachother without trusting one another? If you truly care about someone and they think the same you for, it should be alright.


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