Guys please help my boyfriends avoiding me?

my boyfriend and I have had a few arguments and our last one was on Saturday, he said that he has forgotten it now and just wants to stop arguing, he HARDLY EVER if at all texts me first. I always make the effort to text him first. the last time he texted me was 8:40am this morning (well I got it at 8:40 when I turned my phone on, but he may have sent it last night im not sure) and he said 'sorry I had quite a busy evening, but wow ur new stuff sounds cool xxxxxxxxxxxx' because he asked what stuff I had bought in town, and I replied 'its fine and aha yh xxxxxxxxxxx' and he hasn't texted me at all today, I texted him an hour or two ago asking how he was but he hasn't replied, oh yh we had a small argument yesterday because he was at work and I was working then too, I went to the bar to buy a coffee and he was the only person free to serve me so this guy that also works there said to him 'ur gfs here, pls can u serve her as we are busy' and he said 'no im just going to get some orange juice' and then walked off, there is a door just by the bar and it has a window in it and I saw him after a couple of mins look through the window and I was still not being served and then when I was being served he happened to come out of the kitchen door and then served the next person, was he avoiding me? the argument was because I told him I thought he was avoiding me and told him why and he said 'no I was just busy with sorting the deli's drinks out', I think he is avoiding me but what do you think?


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  • Forget him and focus on your future.

    • is he avoiding me do u think?

      he says that I worry too much and that he's just usually busy and when he does have time then all he wants to do is sleep

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    • You should break up with him either way. That's been my point the whole time.

    • ok thanks

  • Ignore him back! Problem solved!

    • my friends have said that, they said to not text him until he texts me first and when I see him if he says hi I should just say 'hi.' and then chat really friendly with other people around us, do u think I should?

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    • Damit, you got me!
      I'm a lonely, old, balding, single, loser of a man. :(

    • ok then gd for u

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