Is it true you can be too "available" to a girl?

So met this girl while we were both home from college (schools 1hr apart) during winter break. We met at a couple of parties on consecutive weekends and she and I spent a couple nights together at a friend's house where we fooled around a little. Since we've both gone back to school we've been talking here and there and she invited me to visit her this past weekend--which I did. The weekend went really well and she asked me to go home this coming weekend so we could hang out again. I'm hesitant. I have a big concern with her. She's a very flirty girl who is very attractive and knows it. She also has what I consider party animal habits, she goes to the bars 3-4 times a week and is very flirty with guys she comes across--but she doesn't hook up with them (or so she says). I definitely like this girl but I'm worried I'm setting myself up for getting hurt; but at the same time I dont want to regret not pursuing her because she is a lot of fun and absolutely beautiful.

Thus far every time she has asked me to go out or visit I've done it and so I'm concerned I'm being too available and not giving her a chance to miss me. For this reason I'm considering telling her I have plans this coming weekend (which I do but was going to cancel). She said she'd only come home if I do too, so if my goal is to date this girl do I be available for her again this weekend or tell her I have plans?


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  • Yes you can be too available.

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