Haven't dated in a while.. need help!

Going on my first date with a guy I have known for a while, but haven't been on a date in over 5 years, any tips from either girls or boys would be great :)


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  • Breathing is usually a good first step. Like you said, you have known him for a while. Don't put so much pressure on the word "date", just pretend its you guys hanging out. Once you start getting nervous, you will lock up and withdraw, that sends a negative message. Just pretend you are hanging out as friends, if you are free and chatty and funny and relaxed, he will follow and it will be a great date. Oh and try not to bring up other guys. If you begin to lock up and he notices, just hide behind the fact that you haven't been on a date in a while, no specifics, and so a little nervous. It helps a little cuz now he knows the reason and doesn't have to assume anything.


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