Guys: Is this too corny of a date?

I'm planning a "romantic" mall date for my boyfriend and I
(It's our anniversary and we're each planning a date night for it) I have kind of a tight budget.

Would it be too corny to get a paper gift bag (looks like a shopping bag) and write "___'s Shopping Spree" then inside of the bag put some treats (baking him cookies and stuff), his gift, card, and an envelope with homemade coupons inside.

One coupon will be for a 15 minute massage in those massage chairs he likes at the mall and I'm going to make a 15 minute playlist for him to listen to during it

Another coupon for a "candle lit dinner" it would include slices from our favorite pizza joint in the mall, a glass bottle of cream soda (kind of like wine but we don't drink alcohol), a fake rose for him, and those fake electric candles.

Then for dessert a coupon for ice cream cones.

Would this be cute or should I just take him out for pizza and ice cream and give him the gift I got.

Should I add another coupon or two? For what?

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  • It's corny, but I like modest girls like that. Girls who constantly need such glamorous dates are too high maintenance.


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  • Lmao corny but honestly thats a clever gift. If it were me id laugh it off an enjoy it

  • I would just have fun


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