How can you tell if someone with the Asperger Syndrome is in love with you?

I'm in love with a girl, but I am unsure about her feelings for me. I mean, I know she really likes me (she told me this) but not on what level. Plus, she recently said that she had Asperger, which explained a lot (distant, not picking up my subtle non-verbal signs, ...) but also left me wondering...

We shortly had something going on last year, before she suddenly broke off all contact due to personal issues. Last summer she approached me to explain everything and the stuff she told me was deep.. not something you tell to anyone. Only 2 other people knew about it, including her psychologist. After this day, we started seeing each other regularly again, and she also took initiative to make that happen (something I wasn't used to). Since then, she has also told me other personal stuff so I feel like she really trusts me. But what can I make out of it?

Any Aspi's or people who have/had relationships with an Aspi, who would like to tell me what possible signs of a crush are? I'd love to hear your personal experiences and insights!


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  • A woman I know is having a very hard time with her Asperger boyfriend.

    • I'm afraid I'll get in a lot of trouble with her too.. I mean, I already have basically. But I can't help being in love with her, so if it's mutual I'm at least gonna try to give it a go :-) But 1st I gotta figure out if she does... How did this woman notice her Asperger boyfriend had feelings for her, if you happen to know anything about this?

    • She had feelings for him, even divorced because of that and discovered his asperger after her divorce.
      Now she regrets the divorce.

    • When they come home, they don't even eat together: he cooks HIS meal, eats it, without a word.

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  • *aspie.

    I don't know, maybe you should just come clean and ask her whether she has any romantic feelings towards you or not.

    • Yeah, I know I should... I guess I'm afraid of being rejected and making our friendship awkward. I feel like I have to be more sure of her having feelings for me before I get in action. But I'll probably never reach that kind of certainty without explicitly asking won't I :-P I'm also really bad with talking about my feelings by the way, any ideas how I can maybe bring it up?