Ladies, have you ever dated or heard of a man who only would never want sex if he's in a really bad mood for a day or certain time?

I ask because although I broke up with a girl several months ago, I remember I was like this to her when I'm in a bad mood. Does this make me the odd guy since men are always expected to want sex, no matter what mood they're in and what the cost is?

I just never feel like doing anything when I'm in a pissed off mood and just let myself cool off for the rest of the day.

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  • No, that's normal. My friends with benefits is like that, he doesn't want to have sex all the time. He even stopped in the middle of sex once just because he wasn't "feeling it." He has been a bit stressed lately so I understand. I wouldn't want to have sex if I was in a bad mood either.

    • I just hate it when society expects certain traits in me because I'm a male. Society apparently expects all men to be sex-crazed and obsessed, moronic fuckasses or otherwise, it makes them "feminine" or "gay".

    • I know! Haha. My friends with benefits complains about that sometimes, too. Especially when he's not in the mood, he feels like he needs to explain himself or something. Which I think he totally doesn't have to do. You sound a lot like him. I honestly understand though, I don't expect anyone to constantly want sex regardless of how they're feeling. Sure, I was a bit surprised that he stopped in the middle of sex that one time considering that he was still very hard and we were doing good. But I'd rather have him stop and tell me that he's not feeling it, instead of just going with it and not truly enjoying it when he has other things on his mind.

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  • no, you're just like most women. that's nice. lots of ladies like guy who get in touch with their feminine side. (:

    • So are you implying that it's only "womanly" thing to not want sex if you're not in the mood?

    • no, you implied it when you asked the question.

    • Where in my question does it sound anywhere near close to me implying that it's a "womanly" thing? I ask this since almost every woman (or society in general) expects men to want sex no matter the circumstance or their moods yet women get pissed if all a man wants is sex.

      I don't understand you women.

  • It's not weird I think it's most girls find it slightly sexy if a guys in a bad mood, she'd probably want sex more only because he's be so frustrated he'd put 110% in to banging

    • ?

      I don't get it. When I'm in a bad mood for sex, I usually warn my gf not to worsen my mood or piss me off even more because I'm not one of those people who constantly blow up in llttle flames. I'm one of those who blow up in one HUGE flame if some finally figured out how to really piss me off that bad.

      I warn every person not to bring that side out of me because I really don't want any trouble or problems.

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    • That's what I already am, lol

      an amateur boxer for the middleweight division but it's been about a year since I left it. Now, I'm back.

    • Well looks like your doing the right thing lol,

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