Does this girl have a lot of baggage?

Here is a list:

She has mood swings one minute irritated then in a good mood.

She has 3 kids by 2 different fathers.

She keeps in touch with ex boyfriends.

She seems to always have a guy like a fall back guy. When hearing her stories it was on guy to the next then back to the ex when the other one didn't work...

She has been divorced twice.

Her ex husband abused her so she is paranoid when I do certain things.

She is 40 years old

She acts like something is wrong with me because I don't like her texting her exs.


Most Helpful Girl

  • They are the fathers to her children. She can't just stop talking to them.

    • She don't talk to the fathers these are other exs between her marraiges. She told me she use to do acid also

    • well generally speaking, you probably shouldn't date drug addicts or potential drug addicts

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  • damn I hope I don't turn out like that! I am 19 by the way and if i were I stay away from that mess. One crazy B.! lol

    • So I guess that is a yes lol

    • of course (-; How old are? I mean it really sad when you see women like that. Also, it sad to see so many people out of relationship. If you feel lonely, try to look for a friend or a best friend and hang out with that person as much as possible.

    • I'm 35 so were close to each other age... We were really good friends and we dated we got along too well but she broke it off with me this morning I think she is going back to an ex...

  • Next please. Skip

    • She broke up with me this morning... Lol

What Guys Said 1

  • Maybe I'm an asshole but I'd say that's a lot of baggage.

    3 kids 2 different men
    Baby daddy drama
    Ex drama
    Moods wings
    Blames problems on you

    Unless she's got an amazing personality or she's unfathomably attractive, I don't see how the pros outweigh the cons.

    I don't know I'd probably get out of that relationship if I were in that position, actually I can't imagine how I would have even gotten into that relationship in the first place. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    • She actually broke up with me this morning... I think she was cheating with an ex behind my back... Her reasons for break up she says she almost fell in love with me and she got scared and she is freaking out... But I think it's bc of an ex and me and her were best friends and she can't stand the guilt. I'm just analyzing if I should of hooked up with her in the first place

    • Just find someone else and move on.

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