Would it be creepy if I did this?

today i was at the mall and saw this girl i know and her sister. they are both amazingly beautiful. we were walking towards each other and the moment one sister saw me, she turned around and said something to the other one and they both looked at me. i didn't stop and say anything because i was with my mom and thats awkward

we talked a little in high school, but we were never really friends. we always had a thing for each other i think

would it be creepy if i added her on Facebook, and messaged her?


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  • It won't be creepy as long as you don't say something along the lines of "Hey sexy, how you been?"
    I personally delete all friend requests that say that. (I did even before I got in a relationship) But I guess it depends on the girl.
    Try to be kind and sweet, and maybe mention that you guys used to talk in high school, and that you lost touch after that, but don't start out specifically saying that you want to start a relationship with her, or something like that. Try to see where she is in her life. Find out if she's single (usually in her Facebook profile, unless she set it to private) and get friended by her, then go from there. Mention that you think you saw her at the mall, but don't sound like a stalker. "I saw you at the mall, and followed you home and found out your name by standing outside your window until I heard your sister call your name." And make sure to pick one sister, not both. And only send one message with the friend request, not 50. Also, check your Facebook for anything that may look bad, and delete it. Go through your posts too. Before I add males to my Facebook friend list, I go through their profile pictures and posts to see if I actually know them, or if they're just adding me because they see a "sexy" person they think they can bone. Don't set your while profile to private though. Set it so she can see posts, but make sure that your posts are things you'd want her to see. Your Facebook profile is your new first interview... especially if she doesn't know/remember you too well. Good luck!!!

    • 2 years is a while, but do you think you'll see her again (any time soon, under normal conditions) if you don't try to friend her on Facebook? If not, this may be your best bet. Since she saw you, and said something about you to her sister, she seems to remember you. She may even still be interested in you. The first step is to get in the door. Get friended. After that, you can worry about how to get her to go out with you. If you send her a normal (non-creepy/stalker) message with the friend request, she may respond. She may be thinking about you now, and wondering why you didn't acknowledge her at the time. You can address that later, after the friend request has been accepted. Good luck. :-)

    • lol okay i dont need advice on how to talk to girls i just wanted to know if that would be creepy. and no i probably will never see her again, and if i do it'll be years from now.

    • Oh, lol. Sorry. No, it wouldn't be creepy if you did it in a normal way. You guys saw each other recently, and you remembered her name. You guys both seemed to like each other back then, and she seemed to really remember you. She probably said something like that to her sister... either that, or she thought you were cute. Good luck.

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  • Yes it would be creepy.


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  • You can use the high school connection as a reason or opener...

  • Ohhh, should've acknowledged her and say hey at the mall...

    • i know i should have! hindsight is a bitch

  • No you talk to her right?

    • haven't talked to her in about 2 years

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    • i will not say do you remember me, that makes me seem like i have low value for myself. of course she remembers me she whispered to her sister when she saw me

    • Tell her didn't you went to such and such high school? That's how you can talk to her

  • hahaha no! not at all kind of a ridicules question. its only is creepy if she denies you and you add her again and start web stalking her.

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