Which would be the best place to get to know a girl? Just hanging out as friends, before you ask her out on a proper date?

I'm looking for somewhere fun where you can talk and really get a chance to get to know one another.
I'd prefer for it to be just us...
Take her out to eat ( Just me and her or with some friends? )
Activity date ( roller skating , bowling or something like that )
Or whatever ideas you guys/girls think of?


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  • You can take her out to eat but something light as I propose you too go karting it's very fun and memorable


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  • just ask her on a date or you run the risk of heading straight to the friendzone

    • Still runs into the same problem, id still need a good place to take her so i can get to know her
      I would invite her to go on a hike, but New England weather is still pretty cold.
      Have any idea of good places or thing to do?

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    • Yeah, that'll probably be a good idea. Find a place neither of us have been too or someone she hasn't been to. Alright thank you for the help

    • no worries... hope it goes well

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